Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day Ten: Praising Him

Day Ten of Prayers from the Psalms 
Praising Him 
Psalms 42, 43, 66, 107 

By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me--a prayer to the God of my 
life. Psalm 42:8 

 Father, I praise you with all my heart for forgiving me of all my sins, healing me 

physically and spiritually. You fill my life with blessings [list them] and renew my strength 

every day. Your unfailing love towards me is higher than the heavens and my sin is 

removed as far as the east is from the west. How great is your compassion for me. 

Each day you pour your unfailing love upon me, guiding me with your light and truth. I 

shout joyful praises of your glory. Your great power is evident all around me. You hold 

me in your hands and lead me out of darkness and gloom, snapping my chains to 

release me from the prison I was in. You speak, and there is healing, storms are turned 

to a whisper, and waves are calmed. I praise you for your great and faithful love. Amen. 

[Look around you today and acknowledge the glory of what God has created.]

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