Monday, October 17, 2011

My Sweet Tobe

"I think he's dying" I say to the doctor. 
Sleepless nights awake checking on him.
 I'm so worried about losing him.

This is not my child or my husband, but he is a member of our family. It's funny-strange how these four legged family members we call pets come into our homes and grab our hearts. My little buddy is sick and I can see the saddness in his eyes. I give medicine but I can't heal. I feed him more but he won't gain weight.
He looks at me with desperate eyes and I know he knows he is dying.

Tobe at his graduation from obedience school.

My friend made the comment that our dogs are the 

epitome of God. I agree. Unconditional love and 


A great daily reminder to us of how much God loves 

us no matter how we act or how much attention we 

give Him.

My sweet Tobe passed away early this morning.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry. Losing an animal friend can be tough.

  2. I am feeling your pain today my friend. Please give my sympathy to all of your family.
    Love you.