Sunday, July 24, 2011

Looking for Joy Sprinkles

How can I neglect to give thanks for the joy that comes from the One who saves me? In a world full of pain and suffering, it's the joy sprinkled that saves. So when I focus on the good in the small, I can bring change to those around me. When I let joy penetrate the lines that living has brought to my face, beauty erupts from this soil of mine. I can only see my joy sprinkles if I am looking.
My God-gifts. I see them in the mornings when I'm still and evenings when day changes to night and it catches my eyes and I pause. Am I too busy in the between time to see them? God is the creator of time yet I feel I don't make time for God fully. Do I really need more time in my day? If the day is a gift, then I need to see more gifts in the time I have. Not more time in my day but more day in my time. If I want to live wholly, I must wholly live every moment. To be engaged with eyes wide open. Looking for the joy in the day of to do lists, errands to run, commitments to make. He is in these moments with me. 
My thanksgiving list continues.
20. Folding clothes while praying for the one who wears them. 
21. Listening to my son playing the piano. Music bouncing off the floor filling the entire house.

You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence. Psalm 16:11

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