Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blessings Abundant

How do I live the fullest life here on earth that delivers into the fullest life in the ever-after? To have abundant  life. I’ve heard these words a lot lately. Will I have lived fully or empty? How do I live fully so I will be fully ready to die?
These questions lead me to this one. Do I miss the grandeur in everyday life?  How do I view that which is a blessing in the smallest visible sense? Do I expect my blessings to be obvious gifts of self-pleasure? Do blessings mean an abundance more of something, some physical evidence of right living?
I think about my family gathered together for a meal. We ask God to bless our food. Are we asking Him for more that what is on the table? Or for it to supernaturally taste better? No. We are asking that what we have be enough for completion of His glory. To sustain, nourish, and grow us. For what we have to be enough.
To recognize and receive these abundant blessings is a mystery. It’s not something we can hold in our hands, rub between our fingers, or enrich our senses. It’s really something that grows from the inside-out. I am discovering it is a learned behavior.
Encouraged by the book One Thousand Gifts, I am beginning a journey of penning my one thousand blessings. Along the way I hope to uncover the abundant God-gifts surrounding me.
I begin.
1. The morning sun awakening me through my bedroom windows.

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