Friday, July 15, 2011

Everyday Blessings

God is in all these details and when I put a name on my gifts I am making the invisible visible.
My God-gifts continue.
2. The smell of fresh coffee.
3. My sister’s laughter.
4. Mother’s tender self, persistent self.
5. Surprise phone call.
6. Quiet time.
7. Birdsong on the fence post.

Can I see the gifts in difficult situations? Can I see life in that which is barely alive?
8. Daddy’s eyes.

Coming home from a visit with Mom and Dad, it’s 100 degrees outside.
9. Tea kettle singing.
10. Big band music on the stereo while preparing dinner.
11. Hot cookies with cold milk.
12. Laughter.

Evening shadows invite the night.
13. The light of the moon as I let the dogs out one last time for the day.
14. Warm kisses.

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