Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I am sobbing right now as one who has been touched personally by a loving God who cares about me in a most personal way. 
It began with me awakening from the most sound sleep I recall having in a long time. But it begins before this as I will explain later.
I wake up and reach for my coffee and Bible study, as usual. Call my mother like I do every morning. As we are speaking on the phone, she is asking me questions  about the near future. I said, “Mom, I just need to keep my head above water for the next 3 
 My head above water. 
I hang up the phone and repeat those words. My head above water. Where did that come from? Suddenly, like a tidal wave my dream came back from last night. I was in a boat that was sinking. Frightened about drowning, my hands and feet were waving in fear. The voice of someone next to me said, If you keep your head pointed up, and relax, breathe slowly, you won’t drown.”
You won’t drown.
Does God speak to us in dreams? You bet He can. He can speak to us any way He sees fit. I believe that was a beautiful, personal message to me from my Holy Spirit.
He not only spoke in a dream but He gave me the most unusual sleep, without movement all night long. This never happens to me.
It was nothing less than a God moment.

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  1. Sometimes when we feel like we are drowning God steps in, throws us a life preserver and brings us to shore. Once when I was around 9 years old, I was swimming in a cave and the tide came in and I could no longer come up for air, the water had filled the cave.I started to panic and didn't know how far it was out of the cave and I truly thought I would drown but God spoke to me and simply said, "swim to the light" and that's what I did with my lungs practically bursting when I reached the air to fill them again. One of those moments in my life, when I knew with all my heart that the hand of God was in control and saved me. Love you!