Thursday, August 4, 2011


It is a rare occasion these days to have both my children in the backseat of the car.  Daughter asleep with music in ear, while Son plays a video game. My eyes, glance out the passenger window.  Rolling hills, runaway sunflowers. Vacations. No one enjoys them more than me.
Early morning in the hill country, I swing in the front yard and praise God. Bible open. Canyon Lake in front of me. Doves calling their mates. And I give thanks. In everything give thanks. Jesus did it often. The fishes and loaves. It makes what I have enough. Giving thanks stops time in the moment.
Watching the birds chase each other, I’m making time stand still. The morning quiet is stirred as a deer with a bite out of her ear comes close to me. I give thanks and the moment lingers. And God gives these moments and the more I see, time pauses. So I slow down, I want to taste life. Not someone else’s life but the life I have been given. In my breathing in and breathing out, praying thanksgiving. I pray for God to fill me with His desires in my heart and make them mine. Prayer releases me from the limits of time and into the unlimited time of eternity.
I snap the camera to take a picture of the blue-green water, to pause this moment. But the picture will never capture the beauty either of this time or this lake.
My joy list continues.
    26. Deer coming up to me as I sip my coffee.
    27.  Son skipping rocks on the water.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful words and a blessed life!
    Love you!