Friday, August 12, 2011

Soul Gazer

What is the cure for a bemoaning attitude? A thankful eye. How I look at life determines how I live.
On the back porch with dogs at feet, my studly Golden Retriever spots a squirrel running along the fence. Jumping to his feet, he runs as fast as his legs will allow, barking his fiercest bark. The squirrel only slows long enough to give him the hope that he can catch it. It's a tease, dangling squirrel tail, twitching. Goldie paces with eye on the prize just out of reach, missing the real joy of the chase.  
I'm not so different than my goldie. Isn't my day the chase? Always having my eye on that which is just out of reach, missing the joy of the moment.
To see but never perceive, eyes dull, missing the gift in the day. Isaiah says healing begins when we see with our eyes. (Is. 6:10) Soul gazer, the inner eye. Moses saw Him who was invisible and he persevered. That's faith, seeing with the soul. I want to see with the eyes of my soul instead of the eyes of my flesh, to view life from a heavenly perspective instead of earthly perspective. Being a soul gazer is to see deeply.

My joy list continues.
37. Porch fan blowing hot August air.
38. Goldie acting youthful.
39. Rocker on porch.

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