Thursday, March 22, 2012

Discovering Simple Joy

I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.
John 15:11

When the alarm doesn't go off; you wake in a panic, you hear the dog heaving and you race to the back door to let him out only it's too late and he hurls all over the floor; you're late for work and forgot to make coffee last night so you turn it on and reach for the Cheerios, you pour your cereal only to find  there's no milk in the refrigerator; suddenly the coffee maker smells like it's burning because you forgot to put water in it; the dog who threw up is now hungry so he discovers the litter box you forgot to clean out; the phone rings, you know it's your mother but you don't have time to talk, but you don't have time to feel guilty about thinking of an excuse not to answer the phone; you glance at your devotional book on quiet time and decide you don't have time for that, again.

We long for simplicity in our lives, maybe that's why I love to watch The Waltons. But we are so far removed from simple joy on a daily basis. The Lord said he came to bring abundant joy so why are we inclined to save joy for the big occasions in our lives? Why do we not have joy in the little moments?

Join me as I go through a personal journey of discovering simple joy in the life around us and the life within us.


The "to-do" list
I confess to having no organizational skills, so I look around my home and see what I haven't done, not what I have completed. Then my head starts to spin with where to begin first. Should I clean the tipped over jar of dried up molasses out of the refrigerator or fold the three baskets of clothes lying on the floor? I still need to exercise but I haven't gone to Walmart yet for groceries. I look on the floor and see dust/hair balls from my dog that likes the litter box and I think I should vacuum first.
But I'm not sure...

My sister, Cindy, who inherited the organizational gene says with aggravation in her voice, "It's so simple, Deb, take fifteen minutes and do ONE thing."

Simple joy #1 Take fifteen minutes and organize one thing.
                  #2 Instead of making a "to- do" list, make a "did-it" list. Wow, look at all I have              accomplished!

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