Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Someone Is Watching You

Trying on clothes in a department store, I begin  looking at myself in one of those three-way full-length mirrors. Staring at a side of me I do not normally see, I say to myself, “Is this what I really look like?” 

I often wonder what others see when they look at me. Do they see me living out the life of who I say I am, or is there another side of me I do not notice that others do? I think of Job. He feared God and stayed away from evil, a blameless man of complete integrity. (Job 1:1) I want to be like that.

Are you and I who we say we are: children of the living God? Not just when we think people are watching, but also in those times where we are being observed inconspicuously, such as in our homes with the ones we say we love the most. As children get older, they watch for authenticity in their parents. They watch how we act in church versus at home. My children watch how I handle adversity. Do I go to the phone and complain to my friends, or the throne and seek guidance from my heavenly Father? We never get too old to be setting good examples. I know a handful of amazing women in their eighties who have seen it all and yet shine Christ’s light through their well-worn eyes. I want to be like that.

Someone is watching you. What are they seeing?

Lord, let me be genuine in my walk. Help me to glorify you with every heartbeat, and to always remember that someone is watching me.


  1. What a great post! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. You need to stay away from those 3 way mirrors and especially those makeup mirrors that magnify your face x10!
    But seriously, you are so right about our kids watching our example in our lives. My boys are very quick to point out when I am gossiping even if it's just me asking "innocent" questions about who is dating who. Thanks for the reminder!
    Love you,

  3. Nice reminder. I don't like those three way mirrors...lol...it's interesting comparison to our faith walk though. Following you from blog frog! Nice to meet you! Great blog! ~Kimberly