Sunday, August 1, 2010

Before Summer Ends

I was reading an article by Kim Talbert, where she reminded me that my thoughts and actions determine the quality of my life more than physical circumstances. I want to savor each day that God gives me with a healthy perspective. So, it seems fitting that before summer ends, I have just a few more things on my list I want to do. The list below reflects some of Kim Talbert's suggestions as well as my own.

Catch a fire fly * Make home made ice cream * Gaze at a starry night * Thank God every morning he gives  you * Pray for others * Go to church * Read a good book * Nap in a hammock * Tell your family you love them every day  * Think positive even when you don't feel like it * Remember life is not all about you * Forgive * Wear sunscreen * Say your prayers * Turn off the television and sit outside * Love deeply * Behave as if God is watching (He is) * Smile at strangers * Cut fresh flowers * Keep faith in hard times * Relax * Take a walk * Live everyday as if it were your last.


  1. Let me know if you find any fireflies! I loved chasing them in Georgia growing up, but have never seen one here in East Texas.
    Love your blog, I always feel a cleansing feeling when I read it.
    Love you too!

  2. Great post! Simple things we forget to do =) Our Summer is over, but there are still weekends right?! Found you through SITS 31DBBB. Looking forward to becoming bloggy friends!