Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Junk in the Trunk

  I received a message through my e-mail that someone I used to know from school wants to be my “friend” on Facebook. The only recollection I have of this girl was that she called me a bad name on the playground in fourth grade. That is the only thing I can remember about her! Did we ever talk to one another in junior high or high school? I may forget what happened yesterday, but I can tell you down to the last detail what happened on that playground over 35 years ago!
 Do you ever have trouble letting go of something from your past? A grudge perhaps, maybe it’s past sins (either yours or someone else’s) that you think you just can’t let go of. Holding on to the  baggage of yesterday will never help you move forward in your life. It’s a waste of time to keep going back there!
 Your yesterdays may be filled with baggage that is much more serious than a Facebook stalker. Its memory may wake you up at night. It could be why you are taking medication, seeing a therapist, or even refusing to leave your home. It can keep you in bondage that can be suffocating.
The Apostle Paul explains it so well when he says, “Forget the past and look forward to what lies ahead. “  You can never look forward in your life if you are constantly looking back! It doesn’t make you stronger and it won’t heal you. Don’t buy into the lie from the Enemy that forgiving yourself or others makes you weak. On the contrary, only those who can fall into Christ’s grace and mercy can be strong enough to forgive! When you allow the One who forgave you of all your sins, to work and move in your heart to let go of the past, it will be the most freeing experience you can ever imagine.
There is true beauty in a woman who can love enough to forgive.  

 What are you holding on to today that you just need to give to God?
Give your ‘junk in the trunk’ to Him, He knows what to do with it!

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