Friday, June 11, 2010

How Is Your Vision Today?

My teenage son and I were going for a walk one breezy summer morning. He was telling me about something that was fascinating to him and I was smiling and nodding my head, but my mind was wandering off to all the things I needed to do. As if what was really important was not what was happening at that moment.
Sometimes I can be blinded from today because of my focus on tomorrow.
When our vision becomes so focused on the future moments; major decisions to be made, an illness we are facing, or a goal we are trying to achieve, even just our “to do” list, it can actually blind us to the purpose God is giving us in our everyday life, in the here and now, the day to day routine that can seem mundane and unimportant. With everyday, God is preparing us for what lies down the road. There is preparation in the now for what will happen later. What really matters is how we handle this day. Can you see His purpose in this day? It may be to glorify Him through your interaction with your family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors. To show patience and kindness.
To view our lives with "holy perspective", as a life lived in balance, usually requires a “seasoned faith journey”. Our vision, through the lens of our faith, focuses our view on God’s greater purpose in the ins and outs of everyday life.
Psalm 118:24 - The psalmist states that this is the Lords day, and we should be glad! We should be, but sometimes we’re not.

How do you view your everyday life?Take the time today to be aware of your surroundings. The comfort of your chair, the sound of birds outside, the smell of fresh cut grass, the taste of homemade ice cream. Find something to cause you to bust a gut with laughter! Show love to those God has placed in your path.
What really matters is seeking purpose in today.

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