Monday, May 24, 2010

My Temporary Task

This weekend we celebrated my baby’s birthday. My baby is fifteen. I am preparing now for the empty nest in three years. I'm discovering that my life is like that gripping novel you can’t put down. The one where you are emotionally connected to the characters and the events and circumstances surrounding their lives. That novel in which you find yourself anticipating the next page, wanting to rush through to find out what happens next. But as you get to the end you turn the pages more slowly because you don’t want it to be over, you don’t want to say good-by to the characters.

Like the final chapters of a great book, I’m wanting to turn the pages of my “life novel” more slowly, savoring every moment, not wanting it to be over so soon. I cherish the time when I have both my children home, something I probably used to take for granted. I thank God intensely for eight feet under my kitchen table. I’m a little weepy when my daughter goes back to her college life. And I realize from this point on there will be many good-bye’s.

When I find myself saying, “I’m not ready to turn the page Lord, I’m not ready for this chapter to be over!” I can hear my precious Savior gently telling me that He has entrusted His children to me for a short time.

I’m eternally grateful for this temporary task.

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