Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Perfect Peace

I've shared how I'm viewing  the life around me;  time management, the ever burdening accumulation of stuff, and how you and I can live simply and reflect Christ's joy in our enviroment.

Now the lense of my camara is focused to the heart of the matter;
soul and spirit.
 Achieving simple joy from within.

My husband and I are standing on a small piece of land, just an acre or so. It sits at the highest elevation in our small town and from where we stand we can see for miles. The wind is blowing and there is nothing to block it for there are no trees on this land. No trees. On the backside you see a couple of farms with a windmill and a pond. It's quiet and there is a sense of peace as I gaze out.

And I'm looking for a feeling.
How does one look with the eyes and feel?
This is where the spirit and the soul move.

 I look up and see nothing but expansive sky
and I breathe.

My soul; that part of me that engages in emotions. Emotions that can fill..... or empty me. They run high as I look about this treeless acre. And I pray for my Spirit to be full, completely engaging with my soul.
"Give me your wisdom, oh God."
My Spirit; the place where the third half of the Trinity resides.
 God within me.
"Holy Spirit, be my vision."

My husband looks at me, "It feels right."
But how can it feel right without any trees?

Looking for perfect peace. Our soul cries out for it.
This Holy week we remember Jesus telling us He is the perfect peace, why look any further? Yet we still fall in line with those whose flesh cried, "crucify him!"
Their idea of the King of Peace didn't match up with Jesus.

What does your peace look like?

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