Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Miracle Story

She stood there trembling, wiping her tears as she waited to be seen in our clinic. For some reason this young girl chose to tell Dr. Camacho, our team physician, what she had kept to herself for four years. Her name is Elvira, and she lives at the Casa Hogar Alegra orphanage.

But her story begins many years before this. 

 As a child she experienced a brutal rape. Her attacker threw her into a jungle thicket and left her for dead. She was found some 16 hours later. At the tender age of seven she was brought to the orphanage, a place of refuge and protection. Elvira had managed to hide that one breast was growing significantly larger than the other for four years. Until the day she walked into our make-shift clinic. Finally telling someone her secret took a weight off of her shoulders she had carried far too long.

X-rays were taken and the diagnosis was made. There was a grapefruit size fibro adenoma growing in her left breast and it needed to be removed. Dr. Camacho takes Elvira to a local oncologist. After the doctor explained what procedure was needed in order to remove the mass, Dr. Camacho asked the question he feared the answer to. “How much will it cost?” He was not prepared for what he heard next, 
“I will not charge any fee for my services.” 
Dr. Camacho tells us later, “God was present in that room.”

Now Elvira feels hope and she can smile.  God is working what we call miracles through the mission work of CERI.

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